Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Da Vinci Code-To Ban or Not to Ban!

In light of the growing protests in India by Christian groups against the release of the movie The Da Vinci Code and the ever-increasing possibility that the government will bow down to the pressure and ban it, I’m left feeling a mixture of outrage and amusement at the mere pettiness of it all! The way these protests are going on, one would be forgiven for thinking that the Church indeed has something to hide! Does the Church and its priests/archbishops/other officials think that the Christian faith and religion is so fragile that it can be knocked down by a mere movie? Don't they know that millions of Christians have already read the book which has been on the bestseller list now for more than a year? So if the government bans the movie because it hurts the sentiments of a certain section of society, what about my right to watch the movie? And others like me? Instead of banning the movie, they could call for a boycott instead or even a disclaimer for the movie (which the book has anyway!). Thanks to these protests, they have given enough publicity to the movie and even those who have not read the book now know about the "Jesus Christ Married Mary Magdalene and Had Kids” Theory!