Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Exactly a year since my last post!

Wow...to think it's been exactly one year to the day since I wrote my last post! I feel time flies at the speed of light nowadays. I never thought, at the time of my last posting, that it would take me so long to write a fresh post, and today, it was sheer coincidence that I just got into the mood for blogging and when I checked the date of my last post is when I realized its been exactly a year...synchronicity or what!

Anyway, this past year has been an eventful one for me. Ten days after I wrote my last post, I got engaged and then three months later, got married - In January of this year. Marriage is, as it is, a life-changing event, for anybody, and I'm no exception. I can't say I'm finally writing this as a consequence of getting "settled" (because I don't believe in "settling" and I don't think anyone actually gets "settled" in life, something or the other keeps coming up to unsettle things!). I've also been toying with the idea of starting a whole new, fresh blog, but seem attached to this one too. Guess it's a lot to do with new ideas and priorities, so maybe the whole direction of this blog could change.

Hope I will commit, this time, to writing a post a day, as I really love writing and not writing sometimes sends me into an uncreative black hole of despair...So here's a toast to a fresh new Mystic Altar!