Friday, April 07, 2006

Being yourself...

Idina Menzel, the stunningly beautiful and talented singer, actress, and songwriter says:

“If we’re too big or too angry or too bold or too beautiful or too talented, it can scare people. It might scare other women, it might scare men, whatever it is.

I sort of found in my life that I’ve taken a step back and made myself smaller in order to try to fit in.

And that hasn’t worked. And we have to learn to kind of embrace what makes us unique, and embrace our strength and then if people don’t like it, **** it.”

How true that is!!!


aknowkneemoose said...

Hey Kary, interesting post!

Yes, it's sooooooooo true! I experienced something similar recently... and I think I concur with what Menzel says. **** it! :D

the saint said...

well written blog..nice thoughts!

AnjaanaRahi said...

haha well said .. and good to see ur post after a long time