Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bajaj Avenger-Biking to Nirvana-Hulk of the Month!

The Biker

From the mystical to the material…This post has to do with something very down-to-earth. A bike commercial.

Bajaj is a name that is synonymous with advertising which hits right home. Ask an average Indian about Bajaj bikes, and I bet the old ad jingle “Hamara Bajaj…” will start playing in his head! Not only was the music for these ads catchy, the visuals were also appealing and heartwarming. Somehow they managed to capture the ethos of the Indian spirit. Bajaj (and their advertising agency) has now gone and done it again, with their new Bajaj Avenger advertisement. If there was one word that could sum up the ad, it’s a big “Wow!”. Now what’s so special about this ad? From the female point of view, the best part would be the guy on the bike, of course! He's so cool he could freeze an eskimo! Then of course, the music has to be the creation of a genius! Just the right one to reflect the bindaas attitude of the biker and the personality of the bike. Then come the visuals, which capture beautifully the vistas of Leh (or so it appears). The magnificent mountains form the perfect backdrop for what seems to be a journey to celebrate hard-won contentment…The black and white scenes interspersed in between show scenes from the biker’s life, pivotal scenes that may have been turning points, from his father lashing out at him, to his boss firing him, his girlfriend marrying someone else, etc. etc. I was curious as to why this advertisement hit the right chord in so many people’s hearts, and a comment from one of my friends put things into perspective-that these events, which would be painful for anyone, are things which could happen in anyone’s life…so it’s something that anybody could relate to. Bingo! What I liked was the advertisement implying that in spite of all these depressing events, getting on the bike and riding it was enough to make you forget and forgive all that happened to you - it felt like heaven! Feel like God! Perfect tagline! The expressions on the biker’s face are a class act, what with the whole attitude and personality of the bike reflecting perfectly on his face with every smile, snicker, and raise of an eyebrow. I don’t know what kind of feeling you get when actually riding this bike, (that's for you guys to decide), but I do know what the advertisement evokes in me- a feeling of boldness, an attitude of confidence, the belief that whatever Life throws your way, it can be melded into your character to make you stronger, better, and happier (and in the case of this biker, must say, definitely great-looking!). The advertising agency that created this deserves to ride the red carpet (on what else but an Avenger!) at every advertising award this year.

So who’s the flavor of the month, all this month, on Mystic Altar? The Bajaj Avenger bike….nope, the Bajaj Avenger biker! Because the essence and spirit of the bike was brought alive by this man in a way that is totally stylish! Whoever you are, you rock!


Anonymous said...

I have to agree. Loved the concept of the ad. And, of course, with half the population raving that into my ear, I have no choice but to sit up and take notice!

Good stuff.

Harikrishnan said...

Yep..the ad is certainly good, even though I don't actually like that bike :-)). They've packaged it nicely and made it look verrri catchy in the ad, but I feel cruisers need to be a lot heavier. I've always loved heavy bikes. But more than the bike and the ad, I should say I liked yr presentation of the ad. The next time, I might see the ad in different light...


Kunal said...

Thats a good appreciation.

The ad simply rocks, and trust me the road is actually designed by God. Its the Ladakh region road; one where I am dying to drive.

Good blog.. n thnx for dropping by

Bombayite said...

I always had the feeling that gods abode was somewhere in the himalayas or ladakh area.. I guess the Ad proved it right :))

aknowkneemoose said...

Yup, the bike sure is AWESOME to ride!

I loved the ad too, and this is the first time ever when an ad has influenced me into buying a product!

How come there ain't no new post on your blog of late?

Sudheera said...

The ad and the bike, both are a nice piece of work. I'm a proud owner of this bike which has enough weight,stability,torque, suspension
together with the owesome head lamp, brings the rider
the feeling of a GOD!
However, if somebody is trying to compare the bike with Harley-Davidson heavy genuine cruiser or any other expensive cruisers, it's pointless.
Having enough features to be recognized as a cruiser, I feel the Avenger is giving the best value for money you spent.

The Retardo Man said...

Totally loved the way you put it...I saw it exactly the same way...In the end all that stays is the attitude...;)

Arya said...

Last thing I expected was a lady writing something about the bike or the commercial. Nonetheless great review.

There is another side of the ad. Escapist attitude. Rather than taking things head on this guy runs away. Assuming a tough bike can hide his weakness and he 'forgives' everyone?. He doesn't have the sanity to forgive anyone if he can't stand his ground.

Thats just the way I saw it.

raj kumar said...

Bajaj is a upcoming brand and provides you lots of awesome features in affordable prices. With long wheelbase, low center of gravity, wide seats, fat tyres and long handlebars, Bajaj Avenger looks very cruiser.