Wednesday, August 31, 2005

She's Mine. Or Am I Hers?

The Goddess

Throughout history, humanity has perceived a Higher Power mostly in the masculine form-as a God. In Greek, Hindu, and Egyptian cultures, this power has also been interpreted to be feminine-as a Goddess. Although it may not be necessary to even picture this power in any form, in my mind, I have often felt this essence in the feminine spirit. Maybe it made me feel empowered, more comfortable in my body, more proud of being a woman, more in touch with my feminine side. Sometimes delicate, sometimes wild, just like her! Whatever the reason, I was inspired to write this poem just for her:

Called At Last

Here I am,
The Goddess and Me,
Hand in hand
One flame, one word.
Free as the wind
To walk the earth
Fearless as the moon
To love the night
Free as the stars
To shine as bright
And be who She called me to be!


AnjaanaRahi said...

Hey WOw thanks :) For taking up the request. It soo amazing to finally see the poem on your blog. and nice picture u have slected to reflect it.

Please do write more poems love u for your poems and talent. way to go sweety

Luv :)

Harikrishnan said...

Nice poem..and I just loved the free as the wind and keep shining bright...this is YOUR thing mole..keep writing...

Take care